Dream of killing

Dream of killing

What does it mean to dream of killing? Dreaming to kill a good dream? Dream to kill a realistic impact and reaction, but also the dreamer’s subjective imagination, see below by The Duke Of Zhou help you organize a detailed explanation of the dream of killing it.

In this case,

Dream to kill, usually too much pressure on daily life, the spirit of the performance of excessive tension. May have suffered a great emotional pain, there may be too many enemies, or enemies.
Dream of fierce battlefield, killing, bleeding scenes, etc., may also indicate that you will have unexpected luck, find a way to solve the problems faced in life.
If you dream of killing people, that your emotional and life pressure, there are so you very painful problem, can not find a way to solve. If you kill a person in a dream, but can not determine whether the other is dead, suggesting that the pain of your problem may be pending, you may have taken measures, but do not know the exact results. Dream of your dream to kill, but also to remind you to adjust the recent mood, slow down the pace of life, relax, and the best way to find the right, the heart of the pressure to vent emotions out.
If you dream of killing an authority figure, or elders, leadership, it implies that you have the desire to get rid of the shackles of desire.
If you dream of being killed by someone you do not know, you are in good health and have trouble with your eyes to get the meaning of rebirth.
If you dream of witnessing a killing, suggesting that you will encounter a very dislike of the work scene, or life had to accept you make a significant change in disgust.
If the wife dreamed of her husband was killed, indicating that family harmony, husband and wife love life happiness.
Dream of killing their loved ones, you will be more worried about the health of their loved ones, or inheritance.
Dream to kill their parents, suggesting that parents have apologetic psychology.
Dream home to have younger people to assassinate their own, the dream to kill you will become heirs.
If you dream of killing the enemy, suggesting that your opponent will be more powerful, so you feel fear, beware of.
Dream of being killed, suggesting that you may encounter a strong competitor.
Dreamed of being accused of homicide, indicates that you will be famous.
Dream of killing their own insects or animals, suggesting that you will be through their own efforts to overcome difficulties and get rid of difficulties.
Dream of killing insects or animals, indicates that you will get the help of friends to solve the difficulties encountered, to help you out of the woods. 77×88.com

Original The Duke Of Zhou Dream Interpretation

Was killed, the main auspicious. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
Was killed, down. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
See the murderer, the Lord auspicious. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
See murder, the Lord down. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
Dreams were killed. Dreams of others who kill me, Ligie’s account; such as those who escape the reservoir, anti-fierce. Was killed and not dead, get lost. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream knife to kill, the main financial gain. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream was killed, will have money. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dreamed of being killed, get his strength. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of being killed, a cloud must have auspicious. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of killing, there must be auspicious things, have wine and meat. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of killing. Dream of killing others, the Lord was to send things to, down; see others with the killer, the main struggle for money also. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream of murder blood dirty clothing, fishing hunting Kyrgyzstan. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of killing others, big luck. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of the city to kill, down. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of others to kill each other, the main battle of money like. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream of others murder, down, the Lord was to send things to. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream to kill people, there must be alcoholic. “Dunhuang the dream book”

In this case,

Dream kill. Dream to kill others, Zhaozhuoji, rich Fulu. Or bloody clothes, the main financial gain. Their murderers, in Kyrgyzstan, the official position Rongrong. Knife holders, Lee Choi. Kill the dead, a blood Kyrgyzstan, no blood fierce, but also to kill the details who to push the five elements of Health grams, fortune or misfortune. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream of murder blood stains, the main profit. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream kill death. The main blood of Kyrgyzstan, no blood main culprit. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream to kill people, the main wealth Fu Lu, good luck. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream to kill. Dream of killing each person, the main money scattered; dream of others to kill me, I also kill others, the main battle for money was won. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream of their own murder, in Kyrgyzstan, the main bit-wing. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Murder blood stains, get money. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
Kill others, great wealth. “Dream of Zhou Gong”

Psychological Interpretation

Dream Description: If you dream of being killed, usually means that you are subject to external influences, you can not continue to live part of the character. If you dream of killing yourself, that means trying to get rid of the person to impose on your influence.
Psychoanalysis: Homicide is an extreme way to solve a problem. If this kind of one-off behavior occurs in a dream, it usually symbolizes your need for violence (especially violence against yourself). In some cases, it may happen that the only possible solution to the problem is to “kill” some of your ego.
Spiritual symbol: in the spiritual level, the dream of murder is equivalent to making sacrifices.
In this case,
A Case Study of Dream Homicide
Dream Description: I am a sports teacher, 28 years old this year, male, unmarried. There is a girlfriend does not like the current occupation a little confused feeling a few days ago, made a strange dream:
I took a sword very angry cut my colleagues, and one of my dance teacher, life, I was a good friend of mine, but chasing him in the dream, when he took the knife to cut my time , Struggling, I was awakened.
Wake up later, but also after the fear.
Dream analysis: from a strict point of view, this dream is not a standard dream to kill, but the nature of the dream of fighting. Emotional conversion from “anger” to “fear”. “Colleagues” and “dance teacher” here is likely to symbolize your career. Because of the anger of the profession, in reality there is no chance to be expressed, so in a dream will be angry to “cut” career, then feel that if you really do, is very dangerous, so scared (fear) Spontaneously. On another level, with the “cut each other,” means “I” and “cause” of the conflict, “I” on behalf of “free, happy self”, “career” represents the “real social rules” . Regardless of which side cut down, will lose the integrity of personality, so this is one of the reasons for fear.

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  1. How about dream of killing a dynasty king and took his place? I’m a girl but I was a man in the dream and yes, I kill the king..

  2. I dreamt I was given a task to kill somebody for the reward of money, when I confronted the figure who seemed to be a leader, he dropped his guard and I bolt cropped his head off, put it in a bag and took it to claim my reward… I pulled the head out the bag and chucked it on the table for payment. I claimed my reward then woke up… Yes I know it sounds phycotic, I don’t even think a phycologist could figure that one out haha!

  3. in my dream, I am with few people that i know but we are with group of persons that we dont know. it looks like a survival battlefield but we are not in an arena. we have no choice but to kill in order to survive. most of them were students possessed with bad spirits

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