Dreamed I was pregnant

Dreamed I was pregnant

What does it mean to dream of her pregnancy? Dreaming of their pregnancy is good? Dream of their pregnancy have a real impact and response, there are dreams of the subjective imagination, see below by The Duke Of Zhou help you organize the dream of their own detailed explanation of pregnancy it.

First of all, this dream may be the mapping of real life, because you dream of and their favorite people have a child, which can be analyzed as a child, you can analyze your own life. Because of practical reasons temporarily can not have children with him, which is with him the desire to compensate, and if the subconscious fear of pregnancy, fear of pregnancy can also cause such dreams. If the analysis from the perspective of the foreshadowing, dreaming of his pregnancy is Xiangzhao, Kyrgyzstan, can be a sign of life, happiness, material wealth, as well as the potential ability to be played and so on.
There is no love of single girls dream of their own pregnancy, this is usually about the emotional dream, if the dream is happy, warm and romantic, that you really want to get a good happy love, usually envy other people at the same time, the subconscious There are “if I so good that” idea, so in a dream to reflect this desire, I hope a man can give yourself a warm home, to their own happiness, so that they enjoy the Do a woman’s happiness, there is the feeling of being concerned; if the dream is distressing, then you may be because some idea is not realized, or the recent trouble, and the breeding out of boredom.
Love in the girls dream of their own pregnancy, if the dream is happy, it may be your recent happy life satisfaction, love women in love for satisfaction, will lead them to constantly think of marriage and childbirth, and so happy happy marriage Life, but also so that they have a beautiful vision; if the distress of their own pregnancy, that is their own way of life or love is not satisfied, this time the equivalent of an accident on the pregnancy, so you feel unexpected, The emergence of the time there, so you feel taken by surprise, can not accept, it is natural to have trouble, stress.
Married without education of women dream of their own pregnancy, as long as the dream of feeling is like, the basic are looking forward to their own children. In particular, there are reproductive disorders, it is common. If the dream is fear, it means that the woman does not expect to have a child temporarily, this dream belongs to the DINK family the most common dream.
Pregnant women dream of their pregnancy, it is clear that you want your baby and stomach, to safe and healthy, the future can give birth to a smart and healthy and lovely baby.
Women have children dream of their own pregnancy, there are generally two solutions to a family is very happy, two just the opposite, it may be the husband’s negligence on his wife, led to the wife’s heart would like to return to the newly married Sweet period, nostalgia when the happy marriage.
Men or the elderly dream of their pregnancy and the reality of children may be related, but on the other hand, will convey some of their own aspirations. For example, an older woman dreamed that she gave birth to a boy, very happy. In real life, her daughter is in the hospital ready to have children, the dream seems to be related to her daughter and children, but also expressed a dream of their own desire.

Psychological Interpretation

Dream Description: If you dream of their own pregnancy, mostly suggesting that the completion of a plan must go through a long waiting time. You discover new potential or character. Dreaming that you are pregnant is not because you are actually pregnant in real life, but it may imply that you have this situation around you.
Psychological Analysis: If you dream of their own pregnancy, that you can see their own ability or characteristics.
Spiritual symbol: There is always a gestation period in spiritual activity. Patience is required here, and patience is required to wait for the end of the period.

Dream of their own case of pregnancy analysis
[Dream Example 1]

Dream description: Ms. Zhang, 28 years old, married not pregnant. One day, dreaming of his pregnancy, the dream particularly happy. Because usually friends, live near, so she excitedly find me and I chatted about her dream. Because I know that she said before the reason is not because of vas deferens lover blocked, has not yet been cured. So, when she happily tells her dream, and then she clutching his stomach, said, “I can feel the stomach moving Oh.” “Joy in the table.
Dream analysis: I can hear this but not happy, and immediately suggested that she go to the pharmacy to buy a test strip, not two lines after the test, she hesitated, and said really feel the stomach moving. And then remove the general case of bowel movements, I strongly recommend that she go to the hospital to check. She trusted me, went, the result is very shocking, the original is intestinal obstruction. The main feature of this dream is because she felt the so-called fetal movement (normal pregnancy was 4 months after feeling), tested and not pregnant, excluding the general intestinal peristalsis, so the symptoms must be belly There is a problem, in view of pregnant heart weight, the disease creep as a fetal movement in a dream to form a pregnancy dream.

[Dream Example 2]

Dream Description: Zhang Yang, 35 years old, married, producing a woman. Dream of their own pregnancy, her husband and her mother are very happy, took a lot of tonic to her nourishing. In the dialogue, learned that she is on the ring, can not be pregnant, but see a lot of families with two children, especially envy, especially like to see “home with children”, like children, her husband is a civil servant.
Dream Analysis: This dream is very simple, are thoughtful, the night had a dream. Because the relationship between love, can not bounce one child, but the child’s love, hope that children have a partner with the idea led to this dream. Married pregnant women do not dream of pregnancy, as long as the dream is like the feeling, the basic are looking forward to their own children. In particular, there are reproductive disorders, it is common. If the dream is fear, it means that the woman does not expect to have the child, this is a common dream DINK family.

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