Dream of being chased

Dream of being chased

Dreamed of being chased What does this mean? Dreaming of being dreamed of being good? Dreamed to be chasing the reality of the impact and response, there are dreams of the subjective imagination, see below by The Duke Of Zhou help you organize the dream was chasing detailed explanation of it.

Dream is a common dream to be chased, usually reminiscent of the real life is always full of pressure, so the source of the pressure is the key to such a dream.
If you can recall to catch up with your specific person, then the dream is very obvious.
If it is the boss or colleagues students, then work with you to learn the environment and pressure.
If you dream of family and children, natural and family depressed about.
If it is your own incarnation, this incarnation is actually your instinct, such as moral sense, sense of responsibility, guilt and so on.

Dream of being chasing the case analysis

Dream Description: In a dream do not know why, I was two very black people to catch up. I escaped and fled, looked back, they are still behind me, and finally I get off, they hit by a pistol. In that moment, I woke up. (Female, 19 years old)
Dream Analysis: young women do animals or strange men to catch up with the dream, the expression of love and sexual desire and anxiety. On the one hand that sexual horror, on the other hand you want to be conquered, but also a symbol of your spirit caught in fear, catch up with you can also be said to be your own heart.
Dreamed very black man, is your feelings that side, so, no matter how you escape or escape. But also a symbol of your heterosexual love. On the one hand you want to escape Zhao, but on the other hand but want people to chase you. This contradiction is a normal psychological portrayal of young women.

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