Dream shit

Dream shit

Dream shit What does this mean? Dreaming shit good? Dream of shit have real impact and reaction, there are dreams of the subjective imagination, look at the following by The Duke Of Zhou help you sort out the dream of shit detailed explanation of it.

In this case,

Dream of their own shit, suggesting that the recent pressure of life will be larger, material wealth reduction. Have money, money, or by friends, relatives to borrow money.
Dream of others shit, good trillion, is a harbinger of fortune.
Dream family shit, auspicious, life will be very comfortable.
Staff members dream of family shit, the work will be very smooth, be promoted.
Psychologically speaking, a dream shit, indicates that there are vaguely troubled troubled you, you need to open-minded, and more exchanges, more friends.
Dream of their own shit is a control of their own ability to evaluate the dream, the dream of the deep level represents the dream is to have control. 77×88.com

Original The Duke Of Zhou Dream Interpretation

Toilet feces overflow, big luck. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
Dream shit bowl, fierce. Dream of this lack of food starved to death, it is necessary to turn over a new leaf, to pray gods aid. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”

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