Dream of sex sex dream

Dream of sex sex dream

Dream of sex sex dream What does it mean? Dreaming of sex sex dream, good or bad? Dream sex sex dream have real impact and reaction, there are dreams of the subjective imagination, see below from the The Duke Of Zhou help you organize the dream of sex love spring dream detailed explanation of it.

Dream of their own in love, and the dream feel very happy, that dreamers are rich in life in the depressed environment, can take the initiative to find fun.
Dreaming of their own in love, but my heart is not happy, said dreamer in reality may be suppressed with some kind of emotion.
Dreaming and love making love, indicates that you may be misunderstanding, resulting in differences, and thus tense or cause alienation.
Men dream and strange woman sex, usually expressed in your heart’s sexual fantasies, perhaps in life, you are a very well-behaved people.
Dream and a woman is not beautiful sex, suggesting that you are attracted by her inner charm, and even like her. Is a relatively common dream of young men.
Dreaming of watching movies in the sex screen, usually said that people have curiosity on sex.
Dreaming and homosexual sex, it does not necessarily mean that you have homosexual tendencies. It shows that you and the relationship between the opposite sex is very tight, or in the emotional progress encountered setbacks, feel difficult, need to comfort the heart, on the other hand, it may just show that your strong moral values, subconscious, sexual There is a refusal of psychology, will not take the initiative to the pursuit of sex, normal physiological desires, compulsive morality repressed, so in the form of distortion in the dream.
If the spring appeared in their own sex or the opposite sex friends, usually just that your recent heart desire a love.
Dream to see strangers in love, to remind the dreamer life to be careful, right and wrong, do not go astray.

Psychological Interpretation

Dream explanation: in the dream and the opposite sex love, or even sexual relations, this phenomenon is called sexual dreams. The essence of sexual dream is a kind of latent consciousness activity, which is one of normal human sexual activities. Sexual dream content can be extremely complex, messy and fictional pieces, it can be a specific thing with a complete sexual behavior process. Spring Dream Everyone has dreamed of different scenes and different people of sexual intercourse, representing a variety of meanings, try to recall there had been a dream, you can find out the idea of ​​your heart.
Psychoanalysis: dream of strangers sexual intercourse, the main sexual fantasies. Dream of sexual intercourse occurs, often not your wife or girlfriend, this may need to first guilty remorse. The dream is only to reflect your sexual fantasies, and in real life, you are still a well-behaved good man. Dreaming of sexual intercourse with a beautiful woman, suggesting that you appreciate the inner beauty. This is the subconscious to tell you that your heart has found her strengths, not because of the beautiful appearance and like her. Dream of sexual intercourse with the same sex, and the opposite sex will be tense. This kind of homosexual dream, not a premonition of comrades, but a psychological comfort to men, means that you and the opposite sex tension, and gay but the most able to understand their own thoughts and feelings. Dream incest, suggesting that the need for family comfort. This is not a paradoxical dream, it also indicates the tension between men and women, or communication difficulties encountered anxiety, or your heart is expected to family members can identify with, comfort you, but in a dream has become sex scene. 77×88.com

A Case Study of Sex Dreaming

Dream Description: In a dream, I seem to be watching, watching a film of guns, quite enjoyable. Mind thinking tomorrow is Sunday, you can get up later, so he changed a piece of feature films, opened a look, which is staged a sex scene, I thought to where the tape. (Male, 37 years old)
Dream Analysis: sex, dream interpretation depends on the details of the dream. Dream of their own sex and experience a happy, that you are rich in emotion, and adapt to the environment and strong. Dreaming of their love but experience in general, that you are suppressing a certain emotion, but the future development of your feelings of envy. If you see someone else in the dream of sex, it is to remind you Mo go astray.

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