Dream teeth

Dream teeth What does this mean? Dreaming teeth, OK? Dream of the teeth have realistic impact and reaction, there are dreams of the subjective imagination, look at the following by the dream of teeth to help you explain the details of it.
Dreaming of teeth usually indicates that you will encounter difficulties and need to strive to be conquered.
Tooth loss is a common dream, there are several symbols. Usually means that there will be some important relationship will be lost. In accordance with the ancient Chinese <The Duke Of Zhou Dream Interpretation> point of view, out of teeth may also indicate “family funeral”, to remind you to pay attention to the health of the elderly at home, try to avoid the hair does not happen. So also indicates that you will assume more responsibility, become more stable and mature. If you are a person in the interaction with people who often feel the pressure, dream teeth may also indicate a quarrel with people, interpersonal relationships will be in trouble. In addition, the tooth indicates that the difficult situation is about the past, or a relationship, a relationship that is the end. The last possibility, the dream just that the teeth do have problems, do not worry.
Dream teeth broken, that you are now in poor health, pay attention to the body.
Dream mouth full of teeth out, indicating that your identity may change.
Dream out of the teeth grow back, indicating that their parents healthy and safe, comfortable and wealthy in his later years.
Dream of loose teeth, suggesting that you may not trust a trustworthy person.
Dream toothache, indicates that you will be rich, well-off life.
Dream fillings, suggesting that you will receive good news.
Dream of Seya, indicating that there is likely to conflict with others views.
Dream to swallow your teeth, indicating that you may be suffering from serious illness, or suffer misfortune.
Dreaming of their own teeth, indicates that may encounter great difficulties, difficult to conquer; or rival strong, make you fight up, powerless.
Dreaming of someone else’s teeth, may indicate that you will challenge others, to the opponent to create difficulties and overcome the opponent.
Dream growth of new teeth, is the auspicious aspect of love. The next three months, the two will not have any friction between.
Patients dream of growing new teeth, suggesting that the body will recover.
The elderly dream of growth of new teeth, indicating health and longevity. Http://77×88.com/
Dream grow teeth, indicating healthy and safe, maybe your life will be too comfortable, may wish to strengthen the exercise.
Dream of her husband, wife or lover’s teeth black, suggesting that the other adultery infidelity.
Dream of brushing teeth, that there may be trouble with health. Has been cured of the disease, there may be a recurrence, so you are very worried. At this time should pay attention to a good rest, the disease completely cured.
Farmers dream of extraction, means that the harvest in sight. Dream toothache, will be able to get rich.
Dream of their teeth off, that will be quarrel with people, or water at risk. Boating, surfing, swimming, fishing and other water recreation, should be a total ban. Special care should be exercised in other recreational activities. Women dream of tooth extraction, said life will be rich.
Be aware that you have gold teeth, and beware of accidents and calamities, especially traffic accidents and physical illnesses.
Dream was aggressive mouth open, teeth terrible exposed, may be reminded of your contacts with the dream of people to be careful. If the man to do this dream, the person is a dream with a thick lipstick painted the opposite sex, there may be implied in the hearts of the fear of castration, or fear of female vagina. 77×88.com

Original Dream Interpretation

Tooth extraction, the main moving house thing. “Dream of Zhou Gong” teeth fall, the main things have tongue. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
Teeth fall off, descendants Xing. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
Teeth from the fall, the parents fierce. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
Dream teeth long, down. This is a high-Jue respect, Shou-long-heir Sheng dream. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream teeth as large as ivory. Dream of this who was fierce, a virtuous. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream teeth fall out of blood. The main bankruptcy of the trillion, but also pro-Ding a disaster, the mistress did not save. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream teeth fall off, down. Dream of this Chun Hsuan-tai, late King of the glory of the trillion. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream teeth fall blood. This is a fierce dream trillion, the main death of parents, lost wife and concubine, premature death and other worries trouble children, disaster to disaster, no money can save. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream teeth fall regeneration. Dream of this, the main parents Ankang, brother Deng Xian, old age was a sign of prosperity. “Broken Dreams Secretary”
Dream teeth were pulled, big fierce. Upper lip teeth, left for the parent, right for the mother, Coil for the grandchildren; lower lip teeth, left male right female. Dreamer pulled, is the pro-Ding was killed, the fierce fierce trillion. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream teeth exposed. This is the image of the dispute. Dream of this migration, trading, business all things should be patient. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream teeth exposed. This is a matter of dispute lawsuit, in the migration, trading, business and other things, are required to be able to bear, Shu can be no disaster. As a result of the dispute, the main neighbor in the salty sit and wait and rescue. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream teeth shake. This is a sign of restlessness, parents worry, children and grandchildren will be dangerous, the industry will be scattered. Migration action, there is no fierce Kyrgyzstan. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Meng teeth shaking, fierce. Unhappy trillion, parents worry, children and grandchildren will be dangerous, the industry will be scattered, the migration action is fierce. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Meng teeth increased, the main benefit of life-Tim. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream fall front teeth. Dream fall on the door of those who left the main death of his father, the right main dead mother; dreams fall under the door, left main dead brother and sister, the right main dead brother. Sister is no different. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream for the teeth, the main descendants inherit the property of others like. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream for teeth. Dreams of their parents alienated surname, descendants heir. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream hit teeth out of teeth, fierce. Broken trillion, pro-ting a disaster. If the mother did not save. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream teeth white, wealth. “Dunhuang this dream book”
Dream teeth, more litigation. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream grin, dispute. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream teeth, worry knife soldiers. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream teeth fall, big worry official. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of missing teeth, son wealth. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream teeth fall, big bad. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream teeth students, big Wang. “Dunhuang the dream book”
The dream of people granted their own mouth teeth, Kyrgyzstan. Dream of the case of patients with good medicine, the death of a dream of amnesty, travel dream of the case of different people, the only dream of the Saxian heir. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream brush net teeth, Kyrgyzstan. The Lord has delicious to, when there show students. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream cleaning teeth, Kyrgyzstan. In addition to the main tongue scattered, non-digestion, there is no harm, there have been no disaster. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream teeth yellow. There are complicated things. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream tooth drop blood. The main dead parents, bereavement, death descendants, calamity to calamity, no money can save. The Lord is troubled. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
A few teeth, will be humiliated. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
Several people who teeth, the main Kyrgyzstan. “Dream of Zhou Gong”
Stomach pain, get money, Kyrgyzstan. “Dream of Zhou Gong”

Psychological Interpretation

Dreams explain: the adult body in the dream symbolizes the person’s complete image (including his character and characteristics) or conscious self. When a person is a starving baby, his body has become his most important source of information.
Psychoanalysis: According to the traditional interpretation of dreams, teeth in the dream that human aggression, but in accordance with now more precise explanation, it should represent the development and growth process. Teeth grow, loose and fall off from a child from adults to adults, and then slowly aging, a person afraid of their teeth in a dream fall off, in fact, is afraid of aging become useless, or is Unwilling to grow up. Women dream of swallowing teeth into the belly and pregnancy-related.
A Case Study on the Dental Imagination

【Dream Case 1】

There is a person, always dream of teeth, not once and twice, but a series of days will always dream of teeth out. He dreamed that the teeth are not a tooth out, but a tooth first out, and then a series of several, the final row of teeth will be out.
Dream Analysis: This dream is not necessarily the meaning of the loss of loved ones, the teeth is a solid symbol, dream teeth out, the omen of the future loss of stability, such as work, emotional and so on. It may also be a period of time pressure performance. In short it is felt that there is no guarantee, it is possible to do this dream. Do not worry, no matter what will always be the past.

【Dream Case 2】

I do not dream, but some time ago, I always do teeth dream. Dream, I dreamed of his teeth out, and no pain feeling. Wake up, my heart is also very puzzled, I do not know how the case, how to always do teeth dream. (Male, 26 years old)
Dream Analysis: dream of white and beautiful teeth, is a symbol of happiness and success. Dream teeth, suggesting that a good message; tooth extraction dream, indicates that business opportunities or investment opportunities for the advent of; dream dentures that you will get friends selfless help; dream teeth, suggesting that parents or other loved ones The body is poor; dream toothache, said the family will have a small contradiction; dream of loose teeth, is to remind you not to trust a friend you do not trust; dream teeth, is to make you pay attention to hypocrisy friends .

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