Dream of defecate

Dream of defecate

What does it mean to dream of defecate? Dreaming of defecate will be good? Dream of defecate will have a realistic impact and reaction, there are dreams of the subjective imagination, look at the following by The Duke Of Zhou help you organize the dream of defecate detailed explanation of it.

Dream of their own shit, suggesting that the recent pressure of life will be larger, material wealth reduction. Have money, money, or by friends, relatives to borrow money.
Dream of others defecate, auspicious, wealth will automatically come to your door.
Dream of a child to defecate, which means that wealth will automatically find the door.
Dream family defecate, auspicious, life will be very comfortable.

Original The Duke Of Zhou Dream Interpretation

Excrement Montreal, the main wealth. “Dream of the Zhou Dynasty” 77×88.com
Dream defecate Montreal, Kyrgyzstan, see cheap. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream defecate in the stove, fierce. Dream of this family is getting down, the soil will be bad, not to the daily, non-dispute, the law to make money. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”

A Case Study of Dreaming of defecate

Dream Description: In fact, I actually love a special clean, but I do not know why, last night I actually dreamed that the home is full of excrement, no matter how to clean themselves sweep is not clean. (Female, 21 years old)
Dream analysis: dream of defecate, and wealth has a direct correlation.
Dream of accumulation of the excrement, your career or investment will be a remarkable success, to bring you a lot of money.
Dream of the floor are excrement, suggesting that the god of wealth will be favored to you. If you are an entrepreneur, will help others in the cause of success, to bring you splendor.
Dream of his own back into the house carrying a toilet, this is a good dream. If you are a business man, the cause will be a higher level, money booming.
Dreaming of holding hands with the excrement hinted that the ongoing business or investment smooth sailing, the near future will be a fortune.
dream of defecate overflow, suggesting that you will get unexpected windfall.