Dream of their own murder

Dream of their own murder

Dream of their own murder What does this mean? Dreaming of their own murder, OK? Dream to kill their own real impact and reaction, there are dreams of the subjective imagination, look at the following by The Duke Of Zhou help you organize the dream of their detailed explanation of the murder of it.

Dream of their own murder, there will certainly be a chance before, often represents your potential defects, so you want to quickly desperate to end one thing, and doing so will also have adverse consequences, so this dream is To remind you in reality pay attention to improve their deficiencies, such as temper, tolerance and so on. This means that their own way of dealing with contradictions is not correct, but will deepen the contradictions. This hatred to stop hatred, as Paohe fire, can only make the fire more and more, more and more hatred.
Dream to kill their own people, that your emotional and life pressure, there are very painful to you, can not find a way to solve. If you kill a person in a dream, but can not determine whether the other is dead, suggesting that the pain of your problem may be pending, you may have taken measures, but do not know the exact results. Dream of your dream to kill, but also to remind you to adjust the recent mood, slow down the pace of life, relax, and the best way to find the right, the heart of the pressure to vent emotions out.
Dreamed that he killed the enemy, the enemy’s power will be strengthened, far from the enemy’s own control.
Dream of killing their loved ones, can inherit a large estate, and will be more affectionate family, enjoyable.
Prisoners have been imprisoned dream of their own murder, is auspicious, will soon be released, to be free.
Dreamed that he killed a lot of strangers, and Xueguangsianshe, the dreamer will be rich that is expensive, good luck with his life.
Dream to kill an authority figure, or elders, leadership, it implies that you have the desire to get rid of bondage within the desire.
Dream to kill their parents, suggesting that parents have apologetic mentality.
Dream of killing but not blood, blood means will make a fortune, then the dream of killing the blood, then there will be good luck, if only to kill the blood will not detrimental to their own.
Businessmen dream of killing blood, do business can make a lot of money. & Nbsp;

Original Dream of Dreams

Dream knife to kill, the main financial gain. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream of killing, there must be auspicious things, have wine and meat. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of killing. Dream of killing others, the Lord was to send things to, down; see others with the killer, the main struggle for money also. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream of murder blood dirty clothing, fishing hunting Kyrgyzstan. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of killing others, big luck. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream of the city to kill, down. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream to kill people, there must be alcoholic. “Dunhuang the dream book”
Dream kill. Dream to kill others, Zhaozhuoji, rich Fulu. Or bloody clothes, the main financial gain. Their murderers, in Kyrgyzstan, the official position Rongrong. Knife holders, Lee Choi. Kill the dead, a blood Kyrgyzstan, no blood fierce, but also to kill the details who to push the five elements Health grams, fortune or misfortune. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream of murder blood stains, the main profit. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream kill death. The main blood of Kyrgyzstan, no blood main culprit. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream to kill people, the main wealth Fu Lu, good luck. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Dream to kill. Dream of killing each person, the main money scattered; dream of others to kill me, I also kill others, the main battle for money was won. “Dream Lin Xuan solution”
Dream of their own murder, in Kyrgyzstan, the main bit-wing. “Broken Dream Secretary”
Murder blood stains, get money. “Dream of Dreams” (by Zhou Gong solution dream official website 77×88.com)
Kill others, great wealth. “Dream of Zhou Gong”

Psychological Interpretation

Dream Description: dream of their own murder, that tried to get rid of the person imposed on your influence.
Psychoanalysis: Homicide is an extreme way to solve a problem. If this kind of one-off behavior occurs in a dream, it usually symbolizes your need for violence (especially violence against yourself). In some cases, it may happen that the only possible solution to the problem is to “kill” some of your ego.
Spiritual symbol: in the spiritual level, the dream of murder is equivalent to making sacrifices.