Dream of the toilet

Dream of the toilet

Dream of the toilet means what? Dreaming about the toilet, OK? Dream of the toilet and the reality of the impact of the reaction, there are dreams of subjective imagination, see below by The Duke Of Zhou help you organize the dream of a detailed explanation of the toilet bar.

In this case,

General dream of the toilet, is caused by holding back urine. If there is no holding back urine and dream of the toilet, the following dreams:
Men dream of stool in public toilets, representatives to be sick.
Women dream of stool in public toilets, will be stigmatized and discriminated against.
Dream of his urine in the toilet, said all the difficulties will be in the past.
Patients dream of urinating in their own toilet, the body will recover.

Psychological Interpretation

Dream Description: The toilet is a symbol of dirty and lack of certainty. Dream of the toilet, a symbol of the needs of the secret and in their own space, the desire to express feelings of freedom, or that sex is met.
Psychoanalysis: dream of a broken toilet, may be emotionally hampered. Dream into a strange toilet, may not find a way out of some form. Dream of cleaning a dirty toilet, may have to give up the behavior of restraint, or suffer bad luck. Men dream of stool solution in public toilets, indicates that may be sick. Women dream of stool in public toilets, suggesting that may be subject to stigma and discrimination. Dream of urinating in the toilet, all the difficulties will be in the past. Women dream of urination in their own toilet, indicating that will become a good housewife. Patients dream of urination in their own toilet, the body will recover. Dream of clothes stained with feces, money, fortune, you can expect a new income. Perhaps in addition to income, there are part-time income. Dreamed of dropping manure or feces, wealth will come, all wishes come true, everything goes well.

Dream of the case on the toilet

Dream Description: A person dreamed of going out to play on the toilet, so he entered a house looks very small. Open the door only to find inside is a lot of space, there are two doors. He entered the door on the left, the door has three partitions, then turn off the door. The original three are toilets, the first is a dirty soil that kind of toilet, he did not choose. The second one was a clean squatting pan, and the third door he did not open. He chose the second, when the toilet found toilets have excrement, and more to the gushing out.
Dream Analysis: dream of the dirt to see the toilet to see the signs, there will be some harbinger of the recent harvest, because the dream of feces, the main financial wealth, dream of stool full landlord wealth. Farmers spring planting, autumn harvest is justified things. To harvest, need fertilizer, of course, manure is the preferred fertilizer. If the person’s metabolism is smooth, defecation is also natural and smooth. Dream of yellow stool is a symbol of wealth and fertility, if the stinky incomparable, it is Ji dream. The dream of stool in the bathroom is the dream of money that brings wealth. The dream of toilet overflow stool, suggesting that the wind will be unexpected windfall, rather than hard work to get wealth.